WordCamp Europe 2014 is sold out

Updated: Sep 19th: There are a limited number of tickets available. Head to https://2014.europe.wordcamp.org/tickets/ to get yours.

All the tickets are gone. WordCamp Europe 2014 is sold out.

Well done, guys, you rock!

What is that now? You didn’t manage to get a ticket? Well we knew that would happen, we spent the last few weeks warning you about it on Twitter.

Ok, ok, don’t panic. There might be a chance we can still get you in.



2 thoughts on “WordCamp Europe 2014 is sold out

  1. Elisabeth

    I got a ticket but I won’t be able to make it. Is there any way I canmake the ticket available to someone else? It would be a shame to have empty seats while others don’t get in.

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