#WCEU Video: Kimb Jones – Why Don’t You Do WordPress for Yourself?

Watch @mkjones share his WordPress know-how covering some very interesting topics for 20 WordPress talks including:

How a WordCamp can change your life, twice. How you could be lying to yourself. From full-time employment, to freelance, contractor, consultant and finally, agency.

The beauty of the WordPress ecosystem + why WordPress. WordPress naysayers and how to shut them up.

Starting Make Do, the mistakes we made. More mistakes, we made so many. How we work as a team. The tools we use to work remotely. Why you don’t need an office. Working with clients/customers. How you can do this. How to do it alone, the options to choose from.

Friends, enemies & competition

Don’t believe all that can be covered in one WordCamp talk? Go ahead and watch this: