WCEU 2014 Speakers: Tony Perez

Welcome to the next speaker in #WCEU 2014 list – Security expert Tony Perez.

Tony is one of the Co-Founder’s and CEO of the globally recognized website security company, Sucuri, Inc. He has invested the better part of 4 years analyzing and assessing the state of security within the realm of websites, with a special interest in WordPress. He travels the world engaging website owners of all levels, beginners to advanced, in an effort to build a bridge between traditional Information Security processes and those that end-users should employ. He strongly believes that the challenges WordPress users face today around security can be addressed through education and awareness.

Tony will be giving a talk on WordPress Security. His talk will move beyond the traditional security presentations and push website owners, of all skill sets, to think of security more holistically. The emphasis will be on what Tony defines as setting effective security through Good Posture.

You can follow Tony on twitter at @perezbox and see his thoughts on security at http://tonyonsecurity.com and http://blog.sucuri.net.