WCEU 2014 Speakers: Stefan Kanev

Next speaker at WordCamp Europe 2014 – programming polyglot Stefan Kanev.

Stefan has been a passionate programmer since forever. He easily gets enthusiastic about all things related to software development. In his professional life he has shipped code in PHP, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and even a little bit of C. This makes him rarely qualified to appreciate all the nuances in this chart.

When not working for money, Stefan enjoys dabbling into fancy programming languages, tweaking his development environment and reading software books on assorted subjects. His latest favourite is Clojure, he’s an avid Vim user, he loves his Mac and his hidden weapon is a medium-sized collection of ZSH scripts. He occasionally blogs about programming (sadly, in Bulgarian), he occasionally teaches programming in the University of Sofia and helps with the organisation on a few small Bulgarian conferences.

Stefan will be talking about functional programming and what all the fuzz in recent years has been about. He’ll talk about all the fancy ideas in strange languages like Haskell and LISP and how they can help us in our more “mainstream” environments.

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