WCEU 2014 Speakers: Siobhan McKeown

After being an invaluable member of WCEU 2013 organization team, we’re really happy to announce that Siobhan McKeown will also be a part of WordCamp Europe 2014 as a speaker.

Siobhan McKeown works at Audrey Capital where she writes about WordPress, deals with documentation, and has nightmares about the Codex. She’s currently working on an open source book about the history of WordPress. (Cool, right? Check out the project on Github.)

She spends her days delving into the brains of its early developers and community members. When she’s not worrying about the finer details of forking and the GPL, she’s helping out with the project’s future by wrangling WordPress’ documentation.

If you haven’t already, check out her talk “WordPress And The Ten Year Itch” from WordCamp San Francisco 2013.

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