WCEU 2014 Speakers: Jenny Beaumont

We’re happy to announce that next on the WordCamp Europe speaker list is designer, project manager and WordPress expert Jenny Beaumont from France.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jenny moved to France in 1998 where she launched her career with the creation of her first web agency, Global Native. Equipped with a degree in Journalism and strong management experience, she quickly transposed her skill set to the emerging field of web design.

In 2000 she went freelance, and after spending time in project management, graphic design, Flash animation and UI design, has more recently oriented her work toward front-end development. In 2009 Jenny made the definitive switch to WordPress and started building custom themes for her clients to give them greater autonomy over their content.

An active member of the WordPress community in France and abroad, Jenny was a speaker at WordCamp Paris and at WordCamp Switzerland earlier this year.

Her talk at WordCamp Europe 2014 will deal with the eternal topic of Client Relationships, so for every designer, developer or project manager out there that does client work, make sure you save a slot in your WCEU Schedule for what Jenny has to share.

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