WCEU 2014 Speakers: Adrian Zumbrunnen

Happy Monday and say hello to WordCamp Europe 2014 next speaker – Adrian Zumbrunnen from Switzerland.

Adrian is a User Experience Designer, Writer, Speaker and Coffee Enthusiast working in the beautiful city of Zurich. He creates memorable product and communication experiences by consequently putting the user in the center of all creative efforts.

His talk at WordCamp Europe 2014 will be about creating distraction-free web publishing experiences that let people express themselves in richer ways. It targets everyone working with content management software, from developers to designers and end users.

Distractions have always been a natural constituent of our lives. But with the rise of technology and all the digital noise, it has become harder than ever to keep focussing on a specific task. It’s our job as designers to bring back clarity to the digital canvas by providing reading experiences that put readers first.

Read more from Adrian on design, user experience and perception fallacies in his blog. And to make sure we don’t just have Swiss and US speakers at this year’s WordCamp Europe, follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google + for more announcements this week.