WCEU 2014 Sketch notes & stats

We’re head over heels in love with these amazing sketch notes that we spotted in the #wceu feed last Saturday, drawn by the wonderful and talеnted Kristin Kokkersvold from Studio Netting. We loved them so much, that we had to ask her to do us a big favour and make a poster with the WCEU 2014 stats. And she did!

Print out your own from this file and let’s thank Kristin for a job well done!


Love data? Stay tuned for the full stats recap post. Coming soon.


3 thoughts on “WCEU 2014 Sketch notes & stats

  1. Petya Raykovska Post author

    Thank you, Kristin, for creating them!

    We really enjoyed them during the conference and I believe our speakers did too. Tina and I are printing the stats to hang on our walls. They’re delightful.


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