WCEU 2014 Speakers: Helen Hou-Sandí

We’re delighted to announce that WordPress core committer Helen Hou-Sandí will join us at WordCamp Europe 2014.

Helen is the Director of Platform Experience at 10up. She also leads the upcoming WordPress 4.0 release (downloaded the WordPress 4.0 beta 2 yet?) so you’ll be able to corner her and hold her accountable for everything you’ll love about the new release.

Helen believes in WordPress as an amazing publishing platform, and loves working on all aspects of WordPress and cool things with WordPress. She is coming to Sofia to share her thoughts on common tasks and pitfalls in developing with WordPress and how we can get them done more easily.

Follow her on twitter @helenhousandi and check out her WordCamp talks on WordCamp.tv.

And on a non WordPress related note, if you’re into classical music, make sure you take a couple of minutes for this from Helen. Smuggling a grand piano into Hall 6 of the National Palace of Culture is now on the #wceu team TODO list.


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