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Video: Karin Christen – A modern take on interactive prototyping | #WCEU

Karin Christen is an interaction designer from Switzerland. In this talk you get introduced to Karin’s workflow and prototyping setup and learn about her on site work with clients and their UX and front-end teams.

The focus is on rapid prototyping, user experience and interaction design.

Photo by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov

Video: Simon Wheatley – Running An Open Source Business | #WCEU 2014

What we do is not normal. It’s better.

Simon Wheatley has been working with Open Source, running an Open Source focused consultancy, and persuading big companies against Intellectual Property hoarding for years now.

In this talk he discusses the open source principles that unite many of us, and how you can marry those with solid business principles to come up with a winning formula for your clients, your self and the wider world.

Video: Adrian Zumbrunnen – Rethinking Content Creation | #WCEU 2014

Content creation is at the heart of the web and yet we fail to deliver experiences that match todays needs. This talk aims at rethinking the way web publishing works and see how we can create experiences that allow people to express themselves in richer ways.

On top of that Adrian unveils his reimagined distraction-free content editor for WordPress – FrontKit.

Video: Siobhan McKeown – WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life | #WCEU 2014

It’s said that ideas have power, but an idea’s power lies in its capacity to have an impact on our lives. Some ideas flicker and disappear, others have such force that they underpin everything that we do.

In this presentation Siobhan McKeown explores the philosophical underpinnings of WordPress, ideas like freedom, simplicity, and democracy. She looks at these ideas in their most abstract, tracing how they become concrete in the software and the community.

Video: Matt Mullenweg & Om Malik Q&A at #WCEU 2014

From empowering women to the advice for european companies to stop comparing themselves to US companies and the 5% rule of thumb for companies who use WordPress on giving back to core to ensure the future of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A session at WordCamp Europe sparked a lot of discussions.

We have the video from the session up and running for all of those, who couldn’t make WordCamp Europe 2014.

Enjoy and let’s talk about it.