Send your Employee

Sending a volunteer from your company is a unique way for you to be involved with and support WordCamp Europe. Volunteers are the backbone of WordCamps. They’re the people on the ground, running the event, ensuring that things run smoothly. Without volunteers the event wouldn’t happen.

The volunteers for a WordCamp usually come from the local community, but the community for WordCamp Europe is more spread out than others. Volunteering might mean traveling long distances to the event, eating out, and spending time in a hotel.

As a volunteer at WordCamp Europe, your employee will:

  • Get an inside look at the planning stages of the conference.
  • Be an essential part of the event on the day.
  • Spend quality time with the WordCamp Europe organising committee.
  • Have the opportunity to meet speakers from all over the world.
  • Be on the ground, meeting WordCamp attendees from all over the world.
  • Attend a volunteers’ dinner.
  • Exclusive, volunteer-only t-shirt!

Volunteers will also be acknowledged on the website.

How much will it cost?

We ask that all volunteers are in Sofia from Thursday 25th September and stay until at least Sunday 28th evening. Volunteers are welcome to stay for the contributing to WordPress day, should they wish to. If you are sending a volunteer, we anticipate that you budget for the following costs:

  • Cost of flight/travel to Sofia, BG
  • 3-5 nights in a hotel. Approximately 50 € per night
  • 20 € per day subsistence (lunch will be provided on the conference days)

All financial support should go to the volunteer and not to WordCamp Europe.

Volunteer places are limited and we anticipate that they will fill up quickly. If you’d like to send volunteer from your company, complete the form on the website and tell us what you can bring to the team.