Schedule update and a full list of WCEU Speakers

If you missed the news at the end of last week, we already have the schedule for WordCamp Europe 2014 and we’ve updated it with information about every talk. Click on the talk title to learn more about it.

Here’s a full list of all #WCEU 2014 speakers:

Adrian Zumbrunnen

User Experience Designer, Writer, Speaker and Coffee Enthusiast working in the beautiful city of Zurich.

Andrew Nacin

Lead developer of WordPress, squashing bugs, wrangling contributions, and spearheading new development.

Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko

Rarst is a computer techie. Born and living in Kiev, Ukraine. Sometimes WordPress developer professionally.

Daniel Kanchev

Senior Web Apps Engineer and Migrations Specialist at SiteGround.

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

In-development tester of WordPress plugins. Besides testing the plugins he also runs usability tests.

Davide Casali

Davide is an experience director at Automattic with 11+ years of experience and a hybrid background in design, psychology and technology.

Graham Armfield

A Web Accessibility Consultant for my own company Coolfields Consulting.

Helen Hou-Sandi

Director of Platform Experience at 10up, a WordPress core committer, and the WordPress 4.0 release lead.

Hristo Pandjarov

A WordPress enthusiast who’s done it all: supported WordPress clients, built websites, designed WordPress themes, wrote tutorials, dug deeper into SEO and developed his own WordPress SEO plugin.

Hugo Fernandes

Hugo is a designer that went independent 3 years ago to embrace a new journey in his life. Passionate about interactivity and the human behavior, he tries to touch people with his work and words.

Jen Mylo

Community organizer for the WordPress open source project, focused on contributor outreach, diversity, and growing local communities. Prior to this she spent four years as the UX lead and project manager of the core software team. She is from Portland, OR, USA.

Jenny Beaumont
Designer, project manager and WordPress expert from France.

Joost de Valk

Working with WordPress since 2006, Joost has a 10 year background in online marketing, more specifically SEO, and has always combined his knowledge of the two.

Julio Potier

A freelance consultant and co-founder of WP Media. He’s been working with WordPress every day for the last four years and makes his living using the software.

Karin Christen

Co-founder at required+, a swiss based web company with focus on Interaction Design, Mobile Web and WordPress.

Kimb Jones

Co-founder of UK-based WordPress agency Make Do. In a previous life he worked in the corporate surroundings of the NHS for over 10 years working in both IT and Marketing.

Konstantin Dankov

Front Ender who writes bash scripts to automate deployment. Designer who spends more time in MacVim than a drawing app.

Konstantin Obenland

A WordPress developer and core contributor since WordPress 3.4.

Luca Sartoni

A media professional with more than a decade of technical and marketing background.

Mark Jaquith

Mark Jaquith has been working with and contributing to WordPress since 2004. He is one of the lead developers of the WordPress core.

Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder, WordPress; founder, Automattic

Michael Schroder

Mike Schroder, known as Shredder to most of his colleagues, is a cross-cultural kid, coffee-drinking sailor, and lover of Open Source.

Noel Tock

Noel is a Swiss nomad wandering the globe and one of the owners at Human Made, a VIP partner.

Rocío Valdivia

Rocío is a Spanish Computer Engineer in love with Free Software, technology, travelling and personal challenges. She’s the new member of Mailpoet.

Sara Rosso

Sara is VIP Global Services Manager at Automattic ( & more), and as part of her job with the VIP team, she works at discovering and sharing WordPress success stories with the world.

Simon Wheatley

Simon Wheatley is an enthusiast for open source software in business, not least because he runs an open source software business.

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown works at Audrey Capital where she writes about WordPress, deals with documentation, and has nightmares about the Codex. She’s currently working on an open source book about the history of WordPress.
Stefan Kanev

Stefan has been a passionate programmer. In his professional life he has shipped code in PHP, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and even a little bit of C.

Tom Nowell

Born in the UK, and hailing from Manchester, Tom is a developer at Code For The People, a long-time PHP developer, and an elected moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange.

Tony Perez

Tony is one of the Co-Founder’s and CEO of the globally recognized website security company, Sucuri, Inc.

Yana Petrova

Yana is a marketing person and also an event organiser, foodie and traveler.

And that’s all of them. Just a friendly reminder, there are very few tickets left for the event, so hurry up and grab yours.


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