Watch the #WCEU 2014 Recap Video

Miss WordCamp Europe? Let’s go back to Sofia for a few minutes with this brilliant video from Kaarel Veike.

Thank you, Kaarel, Seba and Konstantin for capturing the spirit of WordCamp Europe 2014!

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Video: Hugo Fernandes – Creativity and Our Brain | #WCEU

How can we develop creative and imaginative solutions to business problems? How can I do that if I’m a freelancer and work alone? How can I generate ideas in a team environment?

More than a theoretical and subjective talk, Hugo Fernandes provides a close collaborative session where participants perform creative exercises and learn about tools and mental processes to use in the search of best ideas.


Video: Karin Christen – A modern take on interactive prototyping | #WCEU

Karin Christen is an interaction designer from Switzerland. In this talk you get introduced to Karin’s workflow and prototyping setup and learn about her on site work with clients and their UX and front-end teams.

The focus is on rapid prototyping, user experience and interaction design.


Video: Joost de Valk: The Devastating Power of Defaults | #WCEU

Every plugin or theme developer who’s done a lot of development has learned that developing the backend often takes more time than developing the front end.

Thinking about how you make your backend look and what you name options can save many, many hours on support. We’ve found in research amongst our own users that default settings often don’t get changed.

What does this mean? What to do with it?


Video: Luca Sartoni – Growth Tips For Any WordPress Site | #WCEU

Growth is the main goal for any online project but only large companies can invest in growth teams and professional planning.

In this presentation Luca explores the frontiers of Growth Engineering, giving practical advice on how to apply the best growth strategies to any WordPress site, from the personal blog to the large publishing site. How to acquire new traffic in an ethical way, how to engage the visitors and turn them into regular readers, how to drive a successful campaign on WordPress.

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Video: Hristo Pandjarov – The Dark Side of the WordPress Speed Optimization #WCEU

If you have recently searched for WordPress speed and performance optimization tips and techniques, you have definitely seen several things being recommended all the time: different caching mechanisms (full page caching plugins, memcached, reverse proxies), sprites, CSS & JS minification, to name a few. All of them are indeed viable and really effective ways to speed up your site performance. However, they may not be equally applicable for everyone and there are cases in which they can actually break your website.

This presentation covers what actually can go wrong with each of the most popular and widely accepted performance optimization techniques, how to implement them without breaking your site and how to fix the most common issues with different speed boosters.

Photo by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov

Video: Simon Wheatley – Running An Open Source Business | #WCEU 2014

What we do is not normal. It’s better.

Simon Wheatley has been working with Open Source, running an Open Source focused consultancy, and persuading big companies against Intellectual Property hoarding for years now.

In this talk he discusses the open source principles that unite many of us, and how you can marry those with solid business principles to come up with a winning formula for your clients, your self and the wider world.

Video: Daniel Kanchev – WordPress Migrations Done Right | #WCEU 2014

In theory transferring a WordPress website should be a straightforward process that involves few well-defined steps like: exporting your database from the old place, importing it on the new one, moving your files, reconfiguring WordPress and changing the DNS records. In reality the migration process of an active website has some challenges that, if not addressed properly, may result in downtime and data loss. Needless to say this could affect your business badly – revenue stream loss and bad reputation being just some of the implications.

In this talk Daniel Kanchev presents to the audience the different steps in the migration process and gives examples how each step can be optimised so that the risks of data loss and downtime are minimised.



Video: Adrian Zumbrunnen – Rethinking Content Creation | #WCEU 2014

Content creation is at the heart of the web and yet we fail to deliver experiences that match todays needs. This talk aims at rethinking the way web publishing works and see how we can create experiences that allow people to express themselves in richer ways.

On top of that Adrian unveils his reimagined distraction-free content editor for WordPress – FrontKit.