Photo by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov

Video: Tony Perez: WordPress Security – It Starts With Posture | #WCEU 2014

What do WordPress Security and brazilian jiu-jitsu have in common?

Watch Tony Perez explain it to you in his #WCEU session.


Video: Mark Jaquith | Next Generation WordPress Hosting Stack | #WCEU 2014

Watch Mark Jaquith’s talk at #WCEU on how to leverage a modern hosting stack and use clever caching tricks to make WordPress absurdly performant and scalable.

Chris Lema. Photo by Margarit Ralev @

Video: Chris Lema | Professional WordPress | #WCEU 2014

Video from Chris Lema’s talk at #WCEU 2014

Noel Tock, photo by Margarit Ralev,

Video: Noel Tock | Beyond the Code | #WCEU 2014

Beyond the Code is a practical guide to doing more with WordPress; developing yourself to work on things that matter, getting in the habit of shipping and finally contributing back to this great open source project.



WCEU 2014 Sketch notes & stats

We’re head over heels in love with these amazing sketch notes that we spotted in the #wceu feed last Saturday, drawn by the wonderful and talеnted Kristin Kokkersvold from Studio Netting. We loved them so much, that we had to ask her to do us a big favour and make a poster with the WCEU 2014 stats. And she did!

Print out your own from this file and let’s thank Kristin for a job well done!


Love data? Stay tuned for the full stats recap post. Coming soon.



Video: Matt Mullenweg & Om Malik Q&A at #WCEU 2014

From empowering women to the advice for european companies to stop comparing themselves to US companies and the 5% rule of thumb for companies who use WordPress on giving back to core to ensure the future of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A session at WordCamp Europe sparked a lot of discussions.

We have the video from the session up and running for all of those, who couldn’t make WordCamp Europe 2014.

Enjoy and let’s talk about it.


We have started gathering your feedback for the event not only from the post event survey but also from blog posts and articles in all shapes, sizes and languages.

We’ll try and gather every post and gallery you’ve created covering WordCamp Europe 2014.

If your post is not on this list, please post a link it in the comments below and we will add it. 

Our recap post for the event will come really soon, we just want to give the post event survey a couple of more days so we can really use your feedback from it.

And here’s what you’ve got to say / show for WCEU 14:

First pictures from WordCamp Europe 2014

We’re short on words after these amazing three days, but here are the first pictures from our amazing photographers Vladimir Kaladan Petkov and Margarit Ralev.

They say enough.

Make sure you also check out the fantastic #WCEU galleries from Tammie Lister and Karin Christen.

Please don’t hesitate to share links to your own pictures in the comments below.


The organising team

Contributor Day Reminder and Information

Thank you to everyone who signed up for Contributor day tomorrow. Here’s all the important information you need to get to the venue and start contributing to WordPress.

Contributor day venue


The contributor day will be held on Sep. 29th, at the SiteGround Office in Sofia.


Adora Business Center/Coca Cola Building, fl 3
8 Racho P. Kazandzhiyata Str.
Sofia 1766

Here’s a map to the venue and the Foursquare venue 

The office is in the Coca Cola building and you need someone to let you in, so please come on time.

Getting there

The fastest way to get there will be with a taxi. It will take from 15 to 20 minutes from the city centre depending on traffic and will cost you about 10-15 BGN (5-7EUR).

Alternatively and if you’re more adventurous, you can use public transportation: take the metro to Mladost 1 station and then bus line 314 to Coca Cola building stop.

We start at 11am, bring your computer!

Please try to be in front of the building at 10:45 sharp and watch for the Contributor Day signs. SiteGround folks will meet you at the entrance and let you in.


We will have a lot of core developers and core contributors tomorrow and a lot of different teams you can join to get started on contributing to WordPress.

  • Contributing to core
  • Theme Review
  • Translations
  • Rosetta
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • GlotPress

Food & Drinks

We will have coffee, lunch and drinks at the venue.