WCEU 2014 Speakers – Daniel Kanchev

Meet our next speaker – SiteGround’s Senior Web Apps Engineer and Migrations Specialist Daniel Kanchev.

Daniel joined SiteGround 5 years ago as a junior support team member but thanks to his advanced knowledge about server technologies, geek spirit, professional skills and passion for Open Source apps, he quickly became a senior Web Apps engineer and works on all-things Open Source at SiteGround today.

With passion for WordPress and more than 7+ years of experience with it, he has successfully performed hundreds of complicated WordPress migrations, integrated different WordPress features for geeks for SiteGround clients, worked on the development of a WordPress caching plugin, written many tutorials and helped thousands of SiteGround customers with their WordPress sites.

When he’s not working you can find him practicing extreme and not so safe sports or traveling the world.



WCEU 2014 Speaker: Rocío Valdivia

Welcome Spanish Computer Engineer Rocío Valdivia to WordCamp Europe 2014 Speakers table.

Rocío is in love with Free Software, technology, travelling and personal challenges.

She specializes in BuddyPress, a tool to develop social networks. She has experience as WordPress consultant and freelance developer. Part of the Spanish translation team at GlotPress, organises the WordPress Sevilla meetups and WordCamps. She has extensive experience with WordPress and BuddyPress plugins, themes development and improvement, and is one of the authors of “WordPress para Dummies”, the Spanish version of “WordPress for Dummies”, published November 2012.

She’s currently the new board member of Mailpoet and a lecturer at conferences and seminars on WordPress and BuddyPress.



WCEU Speakers: Simon Wheatley

We’re delighted to announce our next speaker – open source enthusiast and co-founder of British WordPress agency Code For The People Simon Wheatley.

Simon Wheatley is an enthusiast for open source software in business, not least because he runs an open source software business. As co-founder of Code For The People, Simon and his team have developed websites for the Rolling Stones, the UK and Scottish Governments, Stephen Fry, and Oxford University, amongst others. At all times, with all clients, Simon and Code For The People press their clients to work with open source software and to release projects as open source. He has been named as a contributor to every WordPress release (bar one) since 2008.

Simon will talk from experience to show how the more your business gives away, the more opportunities you get back.


WCEU 2014 Speakers: Mike Schroder

We’re happy to announce that WordPress core contributor Mike Schroder is joining us in Sofia as a speaker at WordCamp Europe 2014.

Mike Schroder, known as Shredder to most of his colleagues, is a cross-cultural kid, coffee-drinking sailor, and lover of Open Source. He currently works at DreamHost, contributing to the WordPress core and community projects including WP-CLI. You can find him blogging on various geeky things at http://www.getsource.net

In 2011, I sent my very first email to the wp-hackers mailing list. I wasn’t sure if it was the right place to introduce myself, but I had to start somewhere. In the years since, I’ve gone from being a tentative new contributor to being one of the release leads for WordPress 3.9. In this presentation, I’ll talk about my journey through the WordPress project. I’ll focus on some of the problems I encountered as a contributor and how I dealt with them. I’ll also look at how, more recently, the project has removed some of those barriers, making it simpler than ever for newcomers to get involved.

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WCEU 2014 Speakers: Stefan Kanev

Next speaker at WordCamp Europe 2014 – programming polyglot Stefan Kanev.

Stefan has been a passionate programmer since forever. He easily gets enthusiastic about all things related to software development. In his professional life he has shipped code in PHP, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and even a little bit of C. This makes him rarely qualified to appreciate all the nuances in this chart.

When not working for money, Stefan enjoys dabbling into fancy programming languages, tweaking his development environment and reading software books on assorted subjects. His latest favourite is Clojure, he’s an avid Vim user, he loves his Mac and his hidden weapon is a medium-sized collection of ZSH scripts. He occasionally blogs about programming (sadly, in Bulgarian), he occasionally teaches programming in the University of Sofia and helps with the organisation on a few small Bulgarian conferences.

Stefan will be talking about functional programming and what all the fuzz in recent years has been about. He’ll talk about all the fancy ideas in strange languages like Haskell and LISP and how they can help us in our more “mainstream” environments.

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WCEU 2014 Speakers: Kimb Jones

The organising team is happy to welcome fellow WCEU organiser Kimb Jones to the 2014 speakers table.

Kimb is the co-founder of UK-based WordPress agency Make Do. In a previous life he worked in the corporate surroundings of the NHS for over 10 years working in both IT and Marketing. He promises it wasn’t as boring as it sounds (mostly).

He’s been running a local WordPress meetup in Sheffield (UK) for over 5 years and is the main co-ordinator of WordCamp Sheffield. He’s also on the WordCamp Europe co-organising team and has been speaking & involved with WordCamp’s since 2009.

He’ll be speaking at WordCamp Europe on the experiences he faced starting his own WordPress agency and everything in-between.

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WCEU 2014 Speakers: Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko

Welcome back to WordCamp Europe to Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko.

Rarst is a computer techie, born and living in Kiev, Ukraine. Sometimes WordPress developer professionally. Tea drinker. Cat person.

He serves as community–elected moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange Q&A site. His idea of productive free time are wild coding projects on the intersection of advanced WordPress development and renaissance of modern PHP.

Spends too much time on Twitter and not enough at his blog (Rarst.net)

A little about his talk:

At what point answering questions about WordPress goes beyond the making conversation and becomes a driver for professional skills and reputation?

Our proficiency at answering questions spans over our work, our ability to learn, and how we are perceived in community. Yet we are rarely purposeful in learning how to benefit from this skill and improve at it.

We can do better than that — to evolve professionally and personally. Let’s talk about how. 

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WCEU 2014 Speakers: Hugo Fernandes

Hugo is a designer who went independent 3 years ago to embrace a new journey in his life. Passionate about interactivity and the human behavior, he tries to touch people with his work and words.

He always been fascinated by how our brain processes ideas and how individuals see things, and he’s been deepening his research on creativity – the way how our brain works – and how those two things combined influence our work as designers and developers.

Since then, he’s been speaking about it and also as a motivational speaker in high-schools using creative techniques, which has been a tremendous experience.

Right now he’s at his peak point of research and developed his own theories about creativity and our brains, so the timing to present it at WordCamp Europe is perfect.

More than a theoretical and subjective talk, Hugo will provide a full experience with creative exercises that will help everyone to understand their own brains.

At the end, he will show us that all questions have an answer, and that sometimes 1+1=3.

He’s also a #winelover, so feel free to bring a bottle to chat with him :)

In the meantime, you can follow him on twitter at @imhugo or read his words at www.imhugo.com.


WCEU 2014 Speakers: Sara Rosso

We’re delighted to have Automattic VIP Global Services Manager Sara Rosso back to WordCamp Europe. 

Part of Sara’s job with the WordPress.com VIP team is discovering and sharing WordPress success stories with the world. She has worked in technology since 1996 for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Ogilvy, and she’s been using WordPress since 2006. Sara is also a writer, photographer, technology lover, and business & digital strategist. Originally from California, she’s been living in Italy for ten years and is currently in Rome.

Sara is coming to Sofia to talk about “7 Habits of Highly Effective Enterprise WordPress Sites”.

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Photo credit: Claudio Schwarz